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How to Boost Employee Engagement this Christmas

Christmas Celebrations in Office

The weeks leading up to Christmas, and those first few days in the New Year, are such an important period for engagement. If utilised effectively, they could reap real performance returns in the twelve months ahead.

1. Show Off

Christmas decorations are like a breath of fresh air. They add colour and bring welcome relief. Decorate the office. Spread the word. Invite participation. Energise team members. Create happiness. Spread joy. It’s infectious. It keeps people engaged. Here's a great place to check for Christmas decor.

2. Give Thanks

End of the year and coming new year is an opportune time to wish people, recognise a job well done, and encourage the team to keep up the good work. Christmas cards, hampers, or even a warm email from the CEO are some of the ways to achieve this.

3. Host a Theme Day

Traditional Day, Hat Day, Hawaiian Shirt Day, Superhero Day, and other such employee activity initiatives give people a chance to freshen up their working lives. This keeps things interesting. And interesting means higher engagement. When it comes to Christmas, have a 'Red and Green Day'. Don’t be shy to have an employee Santa Claus, organise a Secret Santa draw, and round it off with a party!

4. Reward Stars

It encourages the star performers. It motivates the hungry. It rings the curtain down on the year gone by with smiles and cheers. It sets the marker for the coming year. The end of the year is the right time to celebrate the spirit of success.

5. Get Together

Christmas potluck lunch or Christmas party, Plum cake baking classes, an end-of-the-year picnic or wellness session, and suchlike are fun ways to get social, create enduring memories. bring people together, and help them reconnect. It’s no great secret that connected people are more engaged. Oh, and don’t forget, one of the shortest ways to create a more engaged employee is through her or his belly!

6. Do Good

Spreading a culture of doing good makes people feel good about themselves, enhances employee happiness, and strengthens the employer brand. Christmas is a great time to do good. Organise a non-profit activity that involves employee participation. For example, setting up a sports day for orphans, organising a party for old age home, or partaking in a vaccination drive for stray animals. It’s fulfilling, and will help them feel proud for actually making a difference in the world out there.

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