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Employee Joining Kits

New Employee Onboarding

Creating a positive onboarding experience for new employees is vital because it makes them feel welcome and accelerates their development into productive team members. Our Employee Joining Kits are a handsome way to accomplish this.

Why you may need a better onboarding process?


Staff turnover happens within the first 45 days


Employees complain of a poor onboarding process


Millennials want better onboarding


Companies with onboarding programs reported higher employee engagement


Employees with a favourable onboarding experience stay for 3+ years


First year employees are retained by companies with a good onboarding process

Joining Kit Checklist

What should the employee joining kit comprise of? We've listed the essentials as well as the best practices to help you prepare the perfect joining kit for new employees.

Essential Documents

  • Welcome Note from the CEO / Top Management
  • Company's Vision & Mission Statement & Values / Culture Document
  • HR Policies (include official HR email)
  • List of Holidays
  • Links to the website / intranet using which the employee can gather more information
  • Employee Information Form (or a link to the online version) containing essential information.
  • Joining Confirmation Form with Designation to be signed
  • Checklist of documents to be submitted
  • Forms to be submitted
  • Confidentiality Agreement / IPR Agreement
  • Self Declaration Form acknowledging their understanding of company policies, confidentiality clauses, etc.
  • WiFi password (if any)

Best Practices

  • Document on reporting Sexual Harassment + Employee Sensitization Training Module
  • Get them to pledge support for causes you support
  • Guide to office - Cafeteria, Printers, etc
  • Assign a 'Joining Buddy' to guide them
  • Introduce all major stakeholders or share video messages by them
  • List of things to do in the city
  • Quick restaurant guide with team recommendations
  • Help them find an accommodation (if needed)
  • Give new hires a grand welcome. Think drum-rolls, literally, or a brass band. Yeah - feels pretty awesome.
  • Forms
  • Hand out a 'Goodie Kit'
  • Ask them to share a group selfie with their joining kits and put it on their social media pages. If your joining kits are awesome, the employees will do this readily.

Joining Kit Ideas

Searching for ideas for your company's welcome kit? We've seen them all, and showcased the three kits we absolutely love.

1. Cactus

Denver-based creative agency Cactus puts together a great welcome kit to "help navigate the path to awesomeness." The kit includes goodies such as a pencil, ruler, USB, custom t-shirts, cap – as well as a gorgeous book that outlines the company's history, processes, culture, and values. The kit also has a personalised welcome letter made from a custom copper letterpress which doubles as an industrial chic desk nameplate.

2. Ogilvy

Advertising and PR brand Ogilvy & Mather’s "Induction Box," by its Cape Town team, is inspired by founder David Ogilvy's short book The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness and his famous eight habits of highly creative communities. It's a red box, but in many ways it's more like a red carpet. It comprises of a pencil, USB, a slinky, a floorplan of the office, and a copy of Ogilvy's book.

3. Percolate

Marketing technology company Percolate's onboarding program and welcome kit are both equally impressive. Before joining, hires receive a package with a t-shirt, mug, granola, tote bag, a Kindle, and a handwritten welcome letter. On their first day at work, the swag is more geared towards their workstation and quick productivity: stickers, notebooks, a mousepad, and more - all branded with Percolate's signature colour.

Our Bespoke Employee Joining Kits

How do you welcome a new employee to the team? Greet them memorably, and you’ve begun the relationship on the right note. This is where our welcome kits do a great job. Allow us to quickly introduce you to them.

Esteem Joining Kit - Geometrica Blue


Presenting Esteem, our first offering of the three Employee Welcome Boxes we have hand-crafted for you. Esteem contains a Diary, Pen, Badge, Sticky Notes, a certificate, and a box of mints.

Eminence Joining Kit - Geometrica Pink


Presenting Eminence, our second offering of the three Employee Welcome Boxes we have hand-crafted for you. Eminence contains a Diary, Pen, Badge, a certificate, and coffee sipper ceramic mug.

Excellence Joining Kit - Geometrica Purple


Presenting Excellence, our third offering of the three Employee Welcome Boxes we have hand-crafted for you. Excellence contains a Diary, pen, badge, certificate, and power bank.

Custom requirement? We'll make it happen.

Your employees deserve a grand welcome, and nothing, not even a global pandemic should get in the way. To take care of that, our team will ensure these kits find their way to your employees' doorsteps or their desks!