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Do Welcome Kits Make A Difference In Employee Productivity And Loyalty? Here’s The Hidden Truth!

irst impressions matter the most – be it a first date or the first day at work!

Organisations worldwide are innovating every day when it comes to welcoming new employees and making their first day at work a memorable one. Think of it as a sales exercise where the new employee is your client and he is here to make a decision about whether to invest in your organisation or not. How will you sell your company?

Research suggests that a new joinee decides to stay on with an organization in the first 45 days after joining and hence it becomes very important to have a great onboarding process in place.

One of the best ways to do that is to have a fully equipped welcome kit ready which contains different goodies and important documents for the new employee.

Eminence Joining Kits

There is no denying the fact that welcome kits surely up the game and perk up every new entrant in a team. However, several studies suggest that it also helps make a difference in an employees’ productivity levels and enhances loyalty.

How true is that? Let’s find out!

How Welcome Kits Improve Employee Productivity and Loyalty

Here’s how having great welcome kits can drive employees to give their best to the company!

1. Encourage Inclusion

The employees in an organization are all different when it comes to temperament, behavior and preferences. While some of them may be open communicators and can forge relationships easily that are required to function effectively in an office, some others might be introverts and need a nudge from you to open up.

Workplace loneliness is a real problem where people find it difficult to have a good time with their colleagues while working.

By on-boarding the new entrant with a thoughtful welcome kit, you set a positive tone and let them feel welcome right from the first day at work! They find it easier to relate to the company and its inclusive culture, thereby improving their productivity levels.

2. Beat The Boredom

Ask any employee about their first day at work and the generic answer you will get from most of them is that they felt bored after a while! Having employees on your team who get bored and dragged down is certainly not what you are looking for.

Also, boredom is the cousin of feeling unproductive or under-utilized! Engage them with facts and details about your organisation or giving them a tour of the office. Giving a welcome kit will automatically up their energy levels and let them know they are in the right place to work productively!

3. Set Clear Expectations

Your welcome kit should contain an employee handbook which lays out the rules of the office. Everything from the rules of their specific department to team member performance, to the shared rules among everyone.

Give the new joinees a peek into what the current employees achieve on a day to day basis, your company culture, which clearly sets the bar about what is expected from them.

Also, keep the gates open for any sort of queries they have or any feedback they want to offer.

4. Encourage Loyalty

Welcome packages provide a strong foundation for new employees in a company by embracing their presence as soon as they step into the office.

One of the basic needs of every human is the need to be valued. Gifting employees welcome packages have the power to not only make employees feel included but valued.

The employee feels his bonds are strengthened as the company has set a standard for how employees are treated. You not only have a team member who feels eased into your company culture but also earn his loyalty as a contributing employee.

5. Add Some Fun To Your Culture

A study measured the impact of happiness on employee productivity and found a 12% spike in productivity among happy workers!

Creating a fun atmosphere and setting aside time for fun activities at work can give employees the boost they need to excel at their jobs. Many companies welcome their new joinees by gifting them company branded t-shirts or mugs with their logo engraved on it.

Having such goodies showcases the fun side of your company culture and who doesn’t like fun? If your employees are having fun at work, you know you have a bunch of productive people onboard!

6. Keep The Millennials From ‘Job-Hopping’

As more young talent is being added to our workforce, there is a shift in the way jobs are perceived. There is a change in attitudes, skills and work styles because there is a considerable difference in the way millennials go to work.

Set working hours and a fixed way of working may not fare well with them as they are constantly on a lookout for innovation.

In a recent ‘Millennial Survey’ conducted by Deloitte, it was found that 78% of millennials feel that innovation is essential for business growth!

When you work towards improving employee experience with innovative methods like a welcome kit, you immediately grab their attention. This leaves them feeling more connected to your company.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Selecting Your Welcome Kit

While every organization differs from the other, here are six factors which broadly sum up the features your welcome kit should have:

1. Utility

Create value in the minds of the employee by gifting them something they could actually use. Gifting a t-shirt engraved with the company logo is a great option. Or some branded stationery items like a handbook which they can use to take notes is great too.

2. Uniqueness

Keeping the utility factor in check, do not miss out on picking a unique item which they will fondly remember. If the employee is an avid reader, go a step further and gift them a kindle!

3. Durability

While it is great to gift a big bag of chocolates, the memory soon fades away as it is a perishable item. Make sure whatever you pick is durable enough and it can be personalised.

4. Portability

A pen drive is a great gift in today’s time when your employee might have to travel extensively for client meetings. It is also one of the best ways of branding your logo in front of your prospects.

5. Budget

You might be in an expansion mode and have a lot of employees joining your office. Prepare a welcome kit depending upon your budget constraints.

6. Instagram-Worthiness

Imagine the free marketing you receive when the new joinee uploads an image of the wow welcome kit he received on his first day at the office on his Instagram account! Now you know what we are talking about!

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