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On our high five with Amazon

Recently, Amazon was looking to hand out some stunning Long Service Awards, for which they came to us. These were to be awarded at a special gala to employees who completed 5 years in the organization. They asked to conceptualise and design these keepsakes, pack, and have them delivered to Hyderabad in a small matter of two days. Yes, two days.

How did we respond?

A trophy crafted in three layers of acrylic and Amazon (as in, the colours of brand Amazon - black, orange and white), on which was printed the name of the recipient, the reason for the felicitation, and the brand logo at the back. You are cordially invited to take a closer look at our handiwork in the images attached to this message.

Amazon 5 Years of Service Awards

Amazon 5 Years of Service Awards

If this design interests you, do visit the Stark Trophy in our collection of Years of Service Awards. We look forward to working on these and many more things with you.