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Adding colour to Asian Paints

One of the world’s most famous brands is Asian Paints. The opportunity to work with them is, we believe, definitely worth writing home about. And so we take this opportunity to do so. Stay with us, for this might be relevant to your brand, too.

The Brief

We met Asian Paints team in October last year (2016); they had invited us to chat about the possibility of creating a unique memento to be handed out at multiple events being organised to felicitate star dealers across India and announce the new brand ambassadors – the dashing Ranbir Kapoor and the effervescent Shruti Hassan.

Put simply, Asian Paints wanted a keepsake that would showcase autographs of the brand ambassador, display the dealer’s name, and thematically reflect the glamour of Bollywood. Brief in hand, we put our heads together to come up with possible solutions. After several rounds of internal brainstorming, iterations and prototypes, we had a winner.

Our handiwork

To begin with we put in place a dark wooden base with a steel plate for the dealer’s name. In addition, we designed a bucket of paint and a ‘Star Screen’ unit carrying a message to the dealer and autographs of the stars. Finally, we infused some razzmatazz by integrating a circuit + LEDs + motor in to the memento, which illuminated the paint bucket and the star screen unit, which rotated to reveal Apex Ultima Paints and the Royale range on either side. This work of art was then delivered to a 1000 dealers across the country.

To fully appreciate the eye-catching-ness of this piece of thinking, we invite you to spend a few seconds taking a closer look at the animation attached to this post.

Asian Paints Starscreen Souvenir

Asian Paints Starscreen Souvenir

Asian Paints Starscreen Souvenir