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How we did it again for BCG

Recognising, retaining, and motivating employees is vital for the health of an organisation. You know this well. And to do this well, you must choose wisely.

Speaking of choosing wisely, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) makes it a point to work with us whenever they wish to craft mementos, trophies, and other merchandise for their events, big or small. They did so recently, yet again.

What did BCG ask us to do this time?

The BST Annual Awards is a major event on the BCG calendar. We have created standout awards for this celebration for two years in a row. This year was no different.

For starters, BCG had a rough idea of how they wanted the trophy to look and what it should say. They asked us to customise it for them, in keeping with the BCG brand aesthetic and philosophy.

What did BCG ask us to do this time?

Promptly and with great enthusiasm as always. For starters, we chose wood as the main material. The colours were green and white - those of brand BCG. We embellished this with a ‘cut-out’ of a trophy. Finally, we delivered everything on point and on time. You are cordially invited to take a look at our handiwork in the images attached.

BCG BST Awards 2019