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On the fine art of designing great mementoes

We have always enjoyed working with the world-renowned Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It’s fair to say ours has been a fulfilling relationship, because they have come back to us for more, more than once; recently being a case in point.

A couple of weeks back, BCG tasked us with an opportunity to test our ability to deliver the art of contemporary design. Briefly speaking, this was the challenge.

BCG was hosting the Unicorn Awards 2016 – an event that recognizes excellence in consulting. Naturally, the award being given out has to be nothing less than stunning.

The brief to us, in a nutshell, was to design a memento that is understated, classy, minimalist, elegant, contemporary, industrial, modern, and, of course, unforgettable.

Meeting the BCG Brief

Brief in hand, we put our heads together and came up with a trophy that showcased a modernist industrial design in two geometric forms [rectangular and circular], with a brass medallion acting as the cornerstone of the Unicorn theme. This was set off against a solid wood block area for personalisation.

The attached images will give you a sense of how our designers mastered a futurist aesthetic to come up with a world-class solution.