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Execution with excellence for Intellecap... and you

At Engrave, we find many different ways to best serve your needs.

At times, we offer you creative solutions for your merchandising needs by conceptualising and creating pieces of memorabilia based on your brief. At other times, we listen to your creative and design ideas and offer our services as experts at executing and bringing to live what you have in mind.

Today, we would like to share with you a short story about what we did for Intellecap recently.

Intellecap called on us to fabricate a memento to commemorate the ‘closing of a deal’. They had thought of a design for this. And they wanted us to elevate it with our workmanship.

How did we respond?

For this very focused brief, we brought our material and fabrication expertise to the fore and created a elegant wooden base with a fixed acrylic attachment at the top. This, in our opinion, was a graceful way to do justice to the client’s idea and the occasion it was commemorating. Intellecap concurred.

You are invited to take a closer look at our handiwork in the image attached to this post.

Intellecap Financial Tombstone

Intellecap Financial Tombstone