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On delivering for Metlife

A Long Service Award is a vital way to show your employee that you care for them and the years they have dedicated to your company. That’s why, such awards should be crafted lovingly-well and delivered on time, which probably explains why Metlife (referred by Kwench – their Rewards & Recognition Partner) tasked us with the challenge of doing this for them. Allow us to elaborate.

Metlife was looking for a dependable and skilled partner to handcraft a set of eye-catching Long Service Awards for team members who had completed 7 and 10 years with Metlife. Brief and budget in hand, our team members put their heads together to come up with cost-effective ideas that would encourage the recipient to proudly showcase the outstanding achievement.

Of the options we presented Metlife with, they chose this classy and elegant trophy fabricated out of acrylic with a wooden base. You can take a good look at it in the image we have attached to this post.

Metlife Long Service Awards

Metlife Long Service Awards

The way forward

If this design interests you, and you'd like to order these awards, please talk to us and we will work with you to see how best they can be customized and executed to suit your needs.