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We can do a Microlit for you

Microlit is a manufacturer of precision lab instruments. They are the market leaders in this space. They are also one of our most valued clients.

Every year, Microlit entrusts us with the task of creating mementos for their annual gathering. This year was no different. At their annual dealer meet, they asked us to handcraft showpieces to be handed out to all the attendees, and additional trophies for star performers. Needless to say, they wanted everything to be showcase-worthy and done in double quick time.

How did we respond?

To begin with, we explored different design directions. Soon, we came up with the idea of a layered clock in wood and acrylic. We created 100 such pieces. In addition to the clocks, we handcrafted trophies for the best dealers. These, too, we personalized in the logo colours of Microlit. You are cordially invited to take a good look at all handiwork.

Microlit logo-inspired Clocks

Microlit Trophies

The way forward

If these designs interest you, and you'd like to order these souvenirs, please talk to us and we will work with you to see how best they can be customized and executed to suit your needs.