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We can help your brand be heard loud and clear

The marketplace is crowded. Everyone wants to be heard. And the noise can, oftentimes, get deafening. How to ensure your brand is not drowned in the din? For starters, you could consider reaching out to us; you can be sure we’re listening. And doubly sure we will do what it takes for your brand to be listened to; like we recently did for the folks at Rueda.

Speaking of which, Rueda is a turnkey-solutions provider based out of Kolkata. They recently organised a symposium, Transmedcon, for doctors from across India. Naturally, Rueda wanted to ensure that their communication to all the distinguished speakers at Transmedcon was heard loud and clear.

Seeing that Transmedcon was all about speakers and distinguished voices, we hit upon the idea of microphones that said Rueda and Transmedcon in substance and style – do take a look at the image attached to this mail to get a good visual take on what we mean.

Microphone Award

Microphone Award

Briefly speaking, the ‘microphone’ mementoes were fashioned out of solid teakwood. Each microphone also had a foam cover and a gold ABS plate at the base, on which were engraved the names of each guest.

All said and Transmedcon done, Rueda were more than satisfied with our handiwork and demonstrated ability to meet the brief. Which brings us back to you and the ways we can help your brand be heard loud and clear. We look forward to doing all this and more for you. Write in to share your requirements. Welcome.