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How we drove success for JK Tyres

Recently, we were called upon to lend our expertise for the 10th National Fleet Conference for JK Tyres. The event was going to be grand. The venue was in Egypt. JK Tyres wanted to hand equally grand mementos that commemorated it. They asked us to conceptualize and craft 120 pieces for this in a small matter of a couple of days.

How did we respond?

Quickly, we put our heads together and come up with a standout idea - a classy, sleek, and of course customised offering made of high quality beech wood and acrylic, with imagery and branding integral to JK Tyres. The mementos, including the packaging, were delivered on time and warmly appreciated by JK Tyres. You are cordially invited to take a look at our handiwork by viewing the images below.

Souvenir for 10th National Fleet Conference for JK Tyres

Souvenir for 10th National Fleet Conference for JK Tyres

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We believe we have the skills and attitude to create high quality merchandise, trophies, awards, certificates, and other keepsakes for your employees, business partners, and other stakeholders in any medium. What’s more, our offerings are not mass-produced knock-offs. Thanks to an in-house design and manufacturing set-up, our creations are always unique. If any of our designs interest you, please talk to us and we will work with you to see how best they can be customized and executed to suit your needs.