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Why Star Sports came back for more

It’s a universally acknowledged fact of business that when you do something well for a client, there’s a very good chance they’ll be back for more. And that’s exactly what Star Sports did.

This time around, we were called upon to create a little something classy and memorable for an event in New Delhi that Star Sports were organising to celebrate their top advertisers. What’s more, the celebrity of all celebrities, a certain MS Dhoni (MSD), was going to be the chief guest at this prestigious do.

Keeping the bigness of the event in mind, Star Sports pushed us to fabricate very premium frames that were to be used as place-holders and display cases for gorgeous bats autographed by MSD.

The key demand being made from us here, the way we saw it, was to create 100 frames in a small matter of two days AND have them sent to New Delhi in time (and perfect condition) for the event. This was easier said than done for more reasons than one.

For one, the bats were to be made from scratch because of a non-standard size requirement. Secondly, we had to fabricate ultra-premium frames for the bat. Lastly, technically speaking, the challenge was to build a box that would allow each bat to be removed easily, autographed by MSD, and placed back in the case just as easily.

Soon enough, we had an indigenous and surprisingly simple solution to tackle the challenge; using simple wooden Jenga blocks and a couple of rubber bands (all hidden from plain sight), we were able to ensure everything fell in place perfectly.

MS Dhoni Autographed Bat