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How we helped Star star in Masterchef Australia

If you love food, you’re probably aware that Masterchef Australia, one of the most popular and tasteful television programs in the world, is back (Season 8 began on May 9). Not surprisingly, Star World wanted to celebrate the program’s return in a memorable way by giving away a unique chopping board as a gift to its guests and attendees.

Keeping Star World’s concise brief in mind, we quickly put our heads together and promptly came up with something stylish, apt, and a cut above the rest, i.e., a Masterchef-customised, pan-shaped, rubber-wood chopping board that looked delicious enough to eat off.

In addition, we paired each cutting board with three food picks and a chalk. Finally, the items were packaged in an elegant black box that showed off the Masterchef imagery in all its glory.