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On the fine art of bending steel

Steel is a very versatile and malleable metal. Using it to create awards that stand out, make a gorgeous statement, and say great things about brands is something we have mastered at Engrave. This is a skill our clients have found to be very valuable. As a consequence, their search for standout merchandise, mementos, and the like, more often than not leads them to us.

Bending steel to do our bidding

In our continuous explorations with steel, we recently arrived at a fresh idea that is beautiful, designer, and durable. It is a design idea that falls under the category known as bent steel. It delves into a customised typographic approach to metal design. And it has enabled us to come up with trophies, awards, and keepsakes that are unique, contemporary, and distinctive.

Why Bent Steel?

Well, always, our clients demand showcase-worthy creations that are striking, simple, and worth displaying with pride – after all, awards are meant to be kept in places they can be admired and looked at for inspiration. Obviously, this means the article should be stunning to behold. The bent steel philosophy of award design uses a minimalist method to more than satisfy these stringent aesthetic criteria.

Look what we have come up with

Over the course of the past few months, we have done a lot of work in bent steel. In the process, we have worked hard to apply the aforementioned design philosophy to craft some wonderful trophies, awards, and keepsakes in bent steel for prestigious clients like Sterlite Tech and Mirae Asset, to mention just two. We invite you to take a close look at our handiwork in the images attached to this message. Perhaps you would like us to do something similar for you as well.

Steel Axis Trophy - Welina

Steel Axis Trophy - Mirae Asset