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How Engrave captured the spirit of the Times

Don’t you feel really happy when someone you’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with in the past comes back to you for even more? We certainly do. The mighty Times Group is one such client partner we’ve had the pleasure of now associating with more than once.

Put simply, we collaborated with the Group a couple of months back on their ‘Extra Punch Awards’ and then, again, last week. Speaking of last week, they asked us to help them conceptualize and execute a set of awards to be handed out every quarter to high-performance members of their prestigious Spirit Program.

In keeping with the spirit of the award, the creation had to be great to look at, worth showing off, and classy enough to reflect the values of the Group. After considering the exacting brief carefully, our product team came together and came up with a design that was distinct and display-worthy.

Times Spirit Award

Times Spirit Award

Technically speaking, each trophy was made of sycamore pieces with tasteful touches of orange acrylic to signify the flame and fire in the belly that the award celebrates. The item was then branded with the Times Group logo and recipient’s name – you can take a closer look at the result of our efforts in the pictures attached to this post. We hope you like it.

Times Spirit Award

And if you do like what you see, you’ll love that at Engrave we believe in more than just the assignment we are called upon to carry out. We believe in building rewarding partnerships that clients can count on at all times for their gifting needs.

If this sounds like a professional relationship you might like to get into and make the very best of, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to doing more for you.