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Our product development team is yours

At Engrave, we’re always trying to create better mementos and memories. One of the ways we do this is by constantly challenging our product development team to come up with designs for awards and trophies that uniquely reflect the brand they’re made for – be it for existing customers or prospects.

This month, as part of our proactive customer-focus exercises, we decided to work on ideas for 2 brands we’re rather fond of – Uber and Red Bull. Allow us to show you what we came up with for them.

Starring for Uber

Uber’s drivers are the stars of the show. Ensuring the best ones know this is the key to a better user-experience. Uber already celebrates its top-rated partner drivers with the Sixth Star Award. We challenged ourselves to create a distinctive look for it. Look what we came up with.

This eye-catching trophy showcases 6 ascending stars, is sandwiched between 7 layers of clear acrylic, and is designed to make the recipient feel like a shining superstar.

Giving wings to Red Bull

In a nutshell, Red Bull is about making you feel charged. We wondered what the brand might give their top-performers that will make them feel adrenalized. Here is our response.

Put simply, adding wings to the trophy, in keeping with the Red Bull tagline – Red Bull gives you wings – we thought was a smart way to showcase star employees that soar and motivate them to go higher.