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50+ Performance Review Phrases for Workplace Safety

Taking the time to formally review employee performance can be a great motivational tool for workers longing for appreciation and recognition. However, most managers fill in annual appraisal forms in a perfunctory manner - missing out on a great opportunity to offer feedback and recognize good performance. Part of the reason that managers avoid and delay written communication tasks is that they appear to be confrontational - and it's difficult to find the right words and phrases to accurately represent one's thoughts and perceptions. Hence, this series of posts with phrases that can be used to evaluate performance.

In this post, we have listed phrases that are useful to describe performance of individuals in Workplace Safety. We have organized these phrases in 4 parts:

  • Meet/Exceeds Expectations: These phrases help you articulate historical performance of employees that have performed well.
  • Needs Improvement: These phrases describe historical performance of employees that have not performed as per expectations.
  • Guidance: These phrases help you structure recommendations for performance improvement over the next review period. 
  • SMART Goals: These phrases describe Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. 

Meets/Exceeds Expectations

  1. Sam plays by the book. By adhering to all safety and security policies, he has fostered a safe working environment.
  2. Rita is an astute observer and is quick to report any potential safety hazards.
  3. Noel’s initiative to implement the OSHA regulations has proven to be critical.
  4. Craig inspects and maintains all equipment and promptly reports unsafe conditions.
  5. Brendon seeks opportunities to mentor those who do not see the benefits of safety procedures.
  6. Denise creates the right environment for employees to report safety and wellness concerns in confidence.
  7. Soumit’s safety mindset is a great example for everyone and has ensured that safety is a part of our team's culture.
  8. Tim proactively conducts training sessions for staff members, keeping us on track to meet workplace safety goals.
  9. Jatin is a good team leader. He keeps all his team members safe by strictly enforcing the use of appropriate safety gear.
  10. John’s root cause analysis of safety incidents has helped us build effective safety and security systems.
  11. Burno is a quick learner. In his first 3 months, he familiarized himself with all available safety instruments and resources.
  12. Sachin is an ideal mentor to the new hires. Apart from imparting knowledge on safety and security measures, he motivates them with awards and incentives.
  13. Thank you Ray for having a well-planned emergency evacuation process in place.
  14. June’s hard work has helped us maintain a record of zero safety infractions in the last 1 year.
  15. Hugo’s strong commitment to safety minimizes unfortunate incidents.
  16. Neha has excelled at business continuity planning. Her disaster-recovery program has saved the organization from a significant financial setback.
  17. Gina is always abreast of best practices in workplace security across different industries.
  18. Shawn's positive attitude towards safety manifests itself in his outstanding personal safety record.
  19. Laliket’s problem-solving skills and suggestions have helped improve our safety standards.
  20. Lou goes the extra mile to shield the organization from potential hazards.

Needs Improvement

  1. Dan needs to document potential hazards promptly. This will help others take appropriate safety measures.
  2. Jin must adhere to the organization's safety practices to ensure the team's well-being is not compromised.
  3. Harry has been forgetting to wear his safety gear and this could be hazardous.
  4. We understand that Raj is eager to work with the machinery but he must undergo the mandatory training.
  5. Hugo is in charge of equipment maintenance but has failed to follow the preventive maintenance measures prescribed by the equipment's manufacturer. This could lead to frequent breakdowns and inflict a heavy financial loss.
  6. Jude needs to look out for his team members and strictly enforce environmental regulations to reduce his team's injury rates.
  7. Elaine does not inspect the safety gear regularly. This could endanger her co-workers.
  8. Dolly needs to be more proactive and prompt in resolving all pending hazards.
  9. Trevor needs to deliver specific and assertive safety guidelines for all the employees.
  10. Ron works hard but has a tendency to sacrifice safety for productivity.
  11. Carmen fails to track key statistics on safety incidents on the shop floor.
  12. Brain must stay current on security procedures and best practices.


  1. Approach difficult situations with caution and abide by the rules set forth by the management.
  2. Report potential safety hazards immediately.
  3. Follow all preventive maintenance measures specified by the equipment manufacturer.
  4. Every department should maintain a "zero tolerance" policy toward safety violations.
  5. Co-operate with safety inspectors during audits and respond to each query promptly.
  6. Work areas should be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  7. Provide adequate training to the staff in handling and storage of hazardous materials (HAZMAT).
  8. Important documents such as licences and certificates should be kept handy and in a good condition.
  9. Always comply with all safety policies and procedures.
  10. Communicate details of any potential malfunctioning equipment during shift change.
  11. Follow the hygiene protocols without exception.
  12. Maintain your personal tools in proper working condition.
  13. Cordon off areas that pose a serious safety risk.
  14. Analyze environmental and safety data regularly and recommend safety enhancements.
  15. Stringently follow all recommendations outlined in material safety data sheets.
  16. Safety must pe prioritized over productivity at all times.
  17. Request an ergonomic assessment of your work area.

SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely)

  1. Demonstrate safe work habits by following proper protocols and procedure 100% of the time during the next quarter.
  2. Analyze the #1 cause of injury and take all steps to eliminate it by the end of the year.
  3. Achieve 100% adherence to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) on the shop floor in Q4.
  4. Each employee must participate in at least 2 safety training sessions and the team must achieve a Safety Training Attendance of 95% by December 31.

Creative Recognition Awards for Safety

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