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Custom Resin Trophies

Resin Trophies

Resin is durable, malleable, and light. This makes it a most apposite material for fine trophies. So, if you need a trophy with a 3D figure - person, place or thing - consider crafting one in resin.

How are resin trophies made?

Making trophies in resin is one of our core competencies

 Resin Trophy Making Process

For starters, our design team converts the idea into a digital sculpture or figurine. We do this with the help of state-of-the-art computer modelling software. Once we have the design idea in place, we send a digital rendering of what the piece will look like for creative direction and approval.

The first piece is then sculpted in clay or 3D printed to match the chosen design. Once this is done, we create a mould, which we use to create more pieces of the like in resin. After this, the figurines are painted (or electroplated) to achieve the desired colour and finish. Finally, these creations are mounted on an acrylic or wooden base and, voila, your unique award in resin is ready to be rolled out in numbers.

Prototyping usually takes 7-10 days. Thereafter, trophies can be turned around in large numbers in between a fortnight and a month. What's more, the care and skill we put into these works of utility art insures that Engrave offers the finest customised resin trophies.

Some Examples

Spartan Trophy

01. Spartan (Gold-plated)

Bull Trophy

02. Bull (Silver-plated)

Majestic Lion Trophy

03. Majestic Lion (Gold-plated)

Panther Trophy

04. Panther (Gold spray-painted)

Horse Trophy

05. Horse (Gold-plated)

Crown Trophy

06. Crown (Gold spray-painted)

Throne Trophy

07. Throne (Gold spray-painted)

Figurine Trophy

08. Figurine (Gold spray-painted)

Ship Trophy

09. Ship (Silver spray-painted)

Thumbs-up Trophy

10. Thumbs Up (Silver-plated)

Custom requirement? We'll make it happen.

We have made trophies for 500+ companies for different events and award ceremonies. We would love to have a conversation with you on the kind of trophy most apt for your needs. As the most skilled, reputed, and experienced creator of resin trophies in India, we assure you that every moment of your time will be well spent. Welcome.