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Pillar of Support Award
Pillar of Support Award Backside View
Pillar of Support Award
Personalised Pillar of Support Award Backside View
Pillar of Support Award
Pillar of Support Award
Pillar of Support Award

Pillar of Support Award

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Good customer service is a game changer. The best organizations excel at it. And recognize those who enable it. That is what these creatively titled awards celebrate.

List of Customer Service Awards:

  • Calmer of Storms Award - Customers can raise a storm. A good customer service person weathers these storms. This award is for the ones who are really good at it.
  • Chief Happiness Director Award - Happy customers is what organizations desire. The ones in your team that can deliver this in spades deserve this award.
  • Circle of Joy Award - A circle of joy is what you want your customers to inhabit. Always. This award is for the ones that are pros at creating it for your customers.
  • Client Comforter Award - If your client is not comfortable, you can't hope to build a strong relationship with them. This award is for those who excel at making clients feel at ease.
  • Consider it Done Award - Consider it done is what customers want to hear. And see. This is the award for the person who delivers on both counts.
  • Customer Care Award - Don't care for your customers and you can kiss them goodbye. That's why, it's important to reward the ones that make it a point to make your customers feel cared for with this award.
  • Customer Hero Award - If you have someone who is a hero to your customers, they're doing a lot of things right for the organization. They deserve this award.
  • Customer Kudos Award - Does someone on your team make it a habit of earning kudos from customers? If yes, this is the award for them.
  • Customer Whisperer Award - A 'Whisperer' connects with the subject and delivers happiness. A Customer Whisperer is an invaluable asset. This award recognizes the value of such a person.
  • Diamond Service Award - A diamond is forever. So is the memory of great customer service. And this is the award that celebrates it.
  • Firefighter Award - Great customer service is often about putting out the proverbial fire - at times, even literal ones. This award is for those that are smashing at it.
  • First Class Service Award - Customer service should never be anything less than first class. Those who can deliver this time and again and again deserve this award.
  • Pillar of Support Award - When customers lean on you, you need to be able to stand strong. For the team member, who acts as a pillar in such times, we have this award.
  • Platinum Service Award - Platinum is a precious metal. And good customer service is precious. This award recognizes the latter with a touch of the former.
  • Star Award - The Star Award, the award that's most apposite for the star of the customer service function in your organization.
  • Star Service Award - Your customer is the Star of the show. No less. The ones that make your customers feel so special deserve this award.

You can either buy these awards as is or we can customize it for you with the recipient’s name and/or company logo.

These awards are part of our Creative Recognition Awards collection. You can check the entire range here.


  • Size: 4 inch wide x 6 inch tall / 1 inch thickness
  • Material: Acrylic
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  • All certificates are printed on 240 gsm specialty paper and come enclosed in a white envelope.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Find answers to some common questions about our Creative Recognition Awards here.

Customer Reviews

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Carol Brown
Awesome, Unique Awards

Thank you so much for these unique ideas. We like to do something a little different and these awards were right up our alley. We have a smaller company of 22 employees and I was able to find something that fit each person. They were well received and they looked great. Would definitely recommend these awards and Shibani was awesome. Easy to work with and she got them done in record time.